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The book of 2 Kings tells us of a very dark time of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

There was a wicked king named Ahab married to a woman of name Jezebel; these were troubled times where the construction of temples to strange gods in the territory of Israel was allowed. At that time, four hundred and fifty of Baal prophets had died and there must have been a revolt against King Ahab; and Jehu, who reigned, killed Ahab’s descendants who had seventy sons. And at that time, many unpleasant things occurred in the kingdom of Judah.


After Ahab’s death, Ahaziah, his son became king of Israel, who was also killed by Jehu; his mother’s name was Athaliah, who was a relative of Jezebel and belonged to the northern kingdom. At that time, the kingdom of the South and the North were related, the sons and daughters of one kingdom married the sons and daughters of the other kingdom. Athaliah was like her cousin Jezebel, an arrogant woman. When she learned that her son the king was dead, she hastened to kill all her grandchildren, the children of her son, and seized the throne of Judah. But it so happened that when they were killing the sons of Ahaziah, a woman took the youngest one, Joash, and sneaked him out amongst  the king’s sons which were being murdered and hid him from Athaliah, along with her ​​nurse. They were kept in the house of the LORD for six years and when Joash turned seven years of age, the priest who was in charge of what was the Jewish religion at the time, took the boy alive and made him king.


This is a tangled but interesting history: The conclusion of what I have been telling is: If God has a plan with you, even if everyone dies around you, you’ll be left alive to fulfill His purpose. God is a God of purpose! He has a plan with you and if you cling to God, if you hold on to Him, if you become part of His plans, his purpose will be fulfilled in your life and hell will not be able to stop  you nor shall no evil against you prevail. Live confidently and know that God is your bodyguard. You’ll know that He is in front and behind you and is your guardian. You’ll walk firmly and confidently because your God gives you security! That’s why I insist that we have to know who we are. All people need to know how to answer this question: Who am I? Am I a worm? Am I someone who came into the world by chance or should not have been born? Or am I a person who came into the world because God exists and He has a purpose with me? Who am I? I am Jorge Marquez, an apostle from the church Misión Vida para las Naciones.

When someone knows well who he is, one does not become dizzy when somebody speaks bad of you. There are people who become distressed because of this and measure themselves by what others think of them. You are not who people think you are!

Things have been said against me on the internet as one woman wrote: “Beware of hassling Lord’s anointed one” I do not know if this benefits me or not. I’m not what people think or say about me! Others think I’m a bon vivant who exploits people. They have created a Facebook page called Naive Hunter and put my picture there. So, if they say I’m a devil or an angel it does not worry me because I know who I am. Some say: “And who does he think he is? That he is an apostle and who raised him as such? Teeth gnash! I am Jorge Marquez, an apostle, servant of God and I care very little what others think of me! I am what I know who I am in God!


You have to know how to answer this question. If you’re not sure of who you are, anyone can come and confuse you and make you upset because of what he or she thinks of you. It is said that I use people and take their money. They can say what they want! I know who I am before God! He is my Lord and my protector! Whatever happens will not erase the fact that I am a servant of God and I am in the world to spread his kingdom on earth. Nothing will change that reality! They can jail me and judge me all they want but I will still be who God says I am! I am a servant of God!

You have to have that certainty! You can’t fall apart because of what they have said about you! A person’s worthiness is given and determined by God! And you are so worthy, that Jesus Christ came down from heaven and died on the Cross of Calvary to rescue you because you’re highly esteemed by Him! Jesus loves you!


Joash was a child who could not defend himself but God saved him. If you were born to be king, no one can stop that truth. Some people are sure of themselves because they have a deep conviction. They know who God is and that He walks with them; they know their purpose in life because the faith they have in God has given them strength.


I’m about to write a book that tells the experiences of a Jewish man who I recently met and who I became friends with. He’s called Isaac Borojovich and he’s eighty-six years of age. This man went through three ghettos and six concentration camps. A ghetto you would say is a fenced area where you could not leave nor enter unless a work permit or a special reason was given. In this place the Jews lived. My friend was a hundred times on the verge of death and narrates that some gave up because they thought that they would die anyway. The bodies of dead people were thrown in a deep mass grave; they’d place a layer of corpses, another layer of soil, and then another layer of corpses and so on. A Jew was responsible for such task, and knew that he would probably be killed at any moment, got fed up and did not want to live any longer, so he decided to launch himself into the pit begging to be killed and they killed him right there and then. In contrast, Isaac always wanted to survive no matter what. I asked him if he had thought at some point that he was going to die and he replied: “No, I thought I would live and all I did was a means of survival.” Intuitively he fled when he was taken to be murdered, he’d flee and on one occasion he threw himself into a black hole, thus saving his life. There were times where he cheated death. I asked him if he believed in God and he answered: “Yes, I believe in God.” “What’s your view on how God allowed such a massacre in which so many Jews died? So he answered, “I do not know God’s mind, with my limited mind I cannot judge his mind, but I believe God has a purpose and everything He allows to happen is because He has a plan. Possibly because of these deaths was that the state of Israel was created, so I have nothing to complain to God. When I was fleeing for my life, I believe that God was guiding me to do so, and the fact of the matter is that I’m alive. ”


This man came to South America, married and started a family; has four children and grandchildren, and became an important businessman in Uruguay. The point is that he knew he had to live, each day I am more convinced that one of the purposes that God had to keep him alive is for me to write this book about his life.


God had to save people from that human massacre so that the whole world would become aware that there was such cruelty against the Jews and not only against them but also against the gypsies, the blacks and all those that were “not worthy” to be called humans. Very disgusting things! It was common to see someone in the pit moving but they just covered them in dirt or see a child move, wanting to get out amongst the corpses, and they just threw dirt on him. These things are real! And I cannot understand how there are people who claim that it never happened or that it was not so serious. It was very serious! There are pictures showing mountains of corpses.


But the truth is that if there is a God’s purpose for you, you may experience a massacre but you’ll come out of it alive. Where others die, you’ll still be alive because the Lord will fulfil his purpose for you!


Now, God accomplishes His purposes in those who love and serve Him. It is not the devil who will put on the brakes on God’s plan for you! Instead, He has given you the authority to halt His plan in your life. You decide! God made ​​you in His image and likeness and you can decide for or against Him When you do not give priority to God in your life you move away from His purpose and start walking in your own thoughts, ideas and plans. God protects you, blesses you, prospers you and keeps you in His plans, when you give Him the priority in your life!


There are those who are mistaken thinking that God is their priority, but love the Lord emotionally, in their minds and feelings. However, to love God is so much more than to say that you love Him above all things. To love God is to show the world, the family and society that the Lord has priority in my life and no bad weather or any disease will hold me back, because I’m going to follow and serve Him. To love God is even to suffer and to give your life for Him!

Love has a component called sacrifice; this truly shows that there is love.

Now that I frequent Beraca more often because of the construction of the new temple, I see one of my daughters; she looks very tired because my granddaughter wakes up about three times throughout the night. When I arrive at about eight o’clock in the morning, I can see that my daughter is exhausted. The days which I sleep over I hear the baby crying, she does not care if mom is tired or not, and starts screaming from her bedroom: “Mom titty” There goes mum and hugs her, breast feeds her, nurtures her; morning comes, she is exhausted but my granddaughter is awake as if he had been wound up; you get distracted for a second and your home is turned upside down. Then her mother hugs her and says, “Come here my little princess, I love you so much!” She is worn out ​​but she is loving her!  And when she poops just before they go out, with love she picks her up and changes her nappies.


Love has a component that is called passion, sacrifice. One who loves God is not going to say when it rains, “I’m not going to church because it’s raining”. He who loves God works unceasingly for Him. How many times have I preached with fatigue and back pain! Do you know why I do it? Because I love God! So, neither you, nor to those who know you and observe you have doubts that you love God. So, if you have to leave your relatives, you do it to extend the kingdom of heaven. If you have to stop doing some task or postpone something to serve God you do it, because the Lord is your priority.


Let me restate that the purpose of God is fulfilled upon those who love Him. If you love God you will see His purpose fulfilled in your life. They may be coming to haunt you and kill you but they will not be able to oppose you because God is your shield and strength and is the one who fulfils his plans in your life!


Six years Joash was hidden in the temple without anyone knowing; only three people knew of his existence and that he was a descendant of the king who had been assassinated; the priest who was faithful to God, the nurse who took care of him, and the woman who snatched him to save his life. Meanwhile, the evil woman named Athaliah was ruling and doing what she wanted. But one day, a great ceremony was prepared; Joash who was seven years old then could govern according to 2 Kings 11:21: “Joash was seven years old when he began to reign.”

There was a purpose of God! Joash was a good king in Judah. God arranged for a helpless child to be hidden so as to fulfil His plans.


There will always be people who disagree with what you do, who speak ill of you and detest you. In the Beraca homes we have one thousand one hundred internees and we don’t have enough to make gourmet meals, we feed them as best we can and not everyone is happy with what they eat. Some say, “This food is ugly, I will not eat it!” Or, “I do not like tomatoes”, “I do not like rice”, etc… Others call their parents and tell them that they want to go home because they are being fed ugly food. We’ll always find people willing to bad mouth us!


So I ask you, haven’t anyone spoken badly of you? No matter how good you are, someone may speak badly of you; there is always someone who hates you and will say: “Just by looking at him, I can tell that he is a scoundrel.” There will always be people who speak ill of you! If you’re not well prepared, you will not be motivated to do what you must do, your faith will be weakened, and it all will fall apart! Because you lose courage and knowledge of whom you are.


Joash knew from an early age that he was being prepared to be king, and at the age of seven he was given a crown and began to reign. Are you ready to do what God wants? Do you do what the Lord wants?  Are you the person who God wants you to be? Are you pleasing God’s heart? Or are you aware that you are doing what you feel like or what you think is best for you? He who loves God fulfills His purpose and nothing, nor anyone, can stop it.


Has anyone ever spoken badly of you? I cannot rely on what others say, that’s not my fuel; Imagine that all the time was I getting approval words, but those words were not coming from God. If someone says, “You’re miserable you’re using people” That does not give me strength! It is God who gives me strength! If you were born to rule and love God with all your heart and He is your priority, there’s no hell stopping you! No evil power can paralyse you! No backbiting tongue can stop you!


Let me say something important: You are important to God! Your value is determined by what God paid for you, not by what people pay for you, you are not what the people’s mood makes them think or say about you. You are the one whom God has brought to the planet earth with a purpose!


Chapter 5 of the book of Revelation talks about the Lamb of God who was sitting on the throne, who was the person found worthy to break the seals of the scroll. At first, all that were there wept because no one was worthy to open the scroll, but then there was joy because Jesus was found to be the only one worthy to break the seal of the mysteries of God, and the Bible says in Revelation 5:8 to 10: “And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.”And when he took the scroll, the four living beings and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp, and they held gold bowls filled with incense, which are the prayers of God’s people. And they sang a new song with these words: “You are worthy to take the scroll and break its seals and open it.
For you were slaughtered, and your blood has ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.10 And you have caused them to become a Kingdom of priests for our God. And they will reign on the earth.”

Jesus, with your blood you have forgiven us, you have cleansed us and made ​​us kings and priests! Those in heaven sang a hymn that read: “You are worthy because you have redeemed us by thy blood.” Something extraordinary happens when the blood of Christ is applied to us sinners who have been condemned to eternal death, the Bible says that sin is the sting of death; while it remains in our lives and in our hearts, we are doomed. But when the blood of Christ forgives us and cleanses us, there is no more sting of death, there is no more condemnation. There is eternal life and if there is eternal life we become part of God’s family, and if we are part of God’s family, we are not servers but princes. We are descendants! We are kings and priests, who we will rule with Christ on earth!


That is the reason why Jesus died on the cross of Calvary. Not just for your sins to be forgiven and for you to have eternal life, but also for you to be king and priest and so rule with Him in His kingdom here on earth. Those who love God have made ​​him a priority in their lives. It is easy to see when someone has God as his/her priority; and those who have not, live life making excuses and are not available for the Lord. They are only willing when they think or feel like it, but he who loves God is available at all times as a mother with her son, because one component of love is sacrifice. I sacrifice myself because I love God! I preach because I love God! I’m with the people because I love God! God’s love constrains me and pushes me! The love of God is my power and my fuel and drives me to do what I do!

I am available for God, are you? A person who gives excuses to God all the time, for whatever reason, does not love Him. Can you imagine a man who tells his girlfriend: “This week we will not be able to see each other. See you next Tuesday. Then he calls and says he can’t make it on Tuesday, so he’ll try on Friday, but does not turn up at all. They leave it for another week and are still unable to set a date. What do we understand from this? That he does not love her! Why? Because he has other priorities!


Those who have other priorities postpone God. A man wrote a letter to his girlfriend telling her he loved her very much and he added: “For you I’d cross the seas, would climb a ladder to the highest star and bring it for you …” And at the end of the letter he says goodbye and says: “If it doesn’t rain on Friday I’ll pick you up. He who loves does not make excuses!


A girl came last Saturday when we finished worshiping and asked me for advice as to help her out. She told me she had turned away from God and the church because she fell in love with a man, but he does not care about religion or the church so refuses to accompany her. She was distressed because she noticed that the boy did not respond to her very well. Not only did she turn away from God but  stopped considering Him as her priority because she had fallen in love with a man, placing full priority on him and offering her body to him. She gave him the most precious thing a woman has to offer her husband. She was crying. After talking till almost midnight, I asked: “And where is your boyfriend now? To which she replied “I do not know”; then I asked her: Does he love you? “Don’t know”, she answered. “I do know,” I added. “He does not love you!” I insisted on asking her if she knew where he was and she said she thought he was at home. Do you think that on a Saturday night at midnight with no ​​plans to be with his girlfriend would he be at home? Why? To play PlayStation? I looked into her eyes and asked: “Could it be that he is now with another woman? She ducked her head and said yes.


It is very easy to see what your priority is! She still did not know if her boyfriend loved her! After talking to her for a while I could tell that he did not love her.

God must become my priority! It has to be more important than my spouse, my children, my work or my debts.


I started working in the Lord’s vineyard. My priority is not my livelihood, I have never cared about the salary I get from the church. I do not worship the Lord for money! I love God! Do you love God? How can I see that you love him? It’s not when you start to cry to show that you love him. “Oh God, how much I love you!” That’s chatter! I’ve seen people raise their hands and worship God but then go to fornicate. Those are not necessarily expressions of love. If you love God you will fulfill His purposes; and God’s purpose for your life is to reign together with Him You’ll go through many difficulties but have no fear because you will reign with Christ. They will talk bad about you, do not care! Will you reign with Him! God is with you! If you love God, He will take you to that point!


Do not rely on what others say about you! You’re not the good or the bad things people say about you. You’re as good as the blood of Christ shed on the cross of Calvary, which has cleansed you from your sins; and your purity and cleanliness does not come from you but from your God, who loved you so much, to the point of shedding his blood for your sins to be forgiven. You’re sin free if you have believed in Jesus Christ! He has erased your sins and given you honor! The Lord has made you valuable!


I Pray to God, so that He can work in every life that receives this message. Those who do not really love you, be found out now Lord and he who is not devoted to you understand it today. Put your life in us, Lord!

Have you found that what is wrong in your life is that you have not given priority to God? Have you realized that you live insecurely because you’re not close to God as He expects?


Tell God right now, “Lord, you can depend on me. I know I was born to rule with you. Break the bonds that are holding me back! In this hour, I surrender the loves that tie me up because I understand that my priority and my first love must be you, Lord. In Jesus’ name I say this prayer, Amen. “







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